Passing the Buck

Whose at fault?

Is it the NRA?

Is it the healthcare providers?

Is it the police?

Is it that one guy?

Is it the media?

Is it the corporations?

Is it the military industrial complex?

Is it our hyper-violent society?

Is it congress?

Is it the president?

Is it the police?

Is it movies, TV, or music?

Is it the parents?

Is it the lack of parents?

Is it the grandparents?

Is it genes?

Is it you?

Is it me?

If you listen to any of the above-mentioned individuals or groups, it’s everyone’s fault but their own. Which is why this is still happening. We’re still passing the buck back and forth between each other. Nobody’s going to step up and say ‘It’s your fault. Now fix it.’ because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. They don’t want to look bad in front of their peers. They don’t want to accept that they might partially be at fault, so they just keep finding new scapegoats.

This morning I was reading the news and found about eight different articles on gun control, each blaming a different person or entity for the plethora of shootings we’ve had in America over the last decade.

Everyone just shut up. It’s everyone’s fault. Not any one person or group or individual. Every single one of us is to blame. We’re all complicit in these crimes. So let’s pull up our grown up pants, figure out what it is we actually want done, and do it.

Should we vote out everyone in congress so they can finally get the message that we don’t want outside interests playing a more important role in our politics than our own? Hell yes.

Should we get back to banning military-grade assault weapons? Hell yes.

Should we make it much more difficult to buy a shotgun, pistol, or rifle? Hell yes.

Then let’s do it. Let’s get out there and vote for people who are actually going to do something. Not just people who want to put more guns on the street and think that that’s going to solve the problem. Go vote. Especially in a state like Texas where even the democrats support the NRA, we need to find the right candidates who are going to take action.

It’s primary season. Do your research, find that person, and go vote for them. Help them make a difference.


N.B. I’m a gun owner. Don’t lecture me on this ‘guns don’t kill people people kill people’ nonsense.

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