Before I die, I hope I can say

that I’ve lived my life

in a happier way

than my family, my friends,

and even you, too.

Because I want to make sure

that I don’t leave

feelin’ blue.


Before I die, I hope I can breathe

fresh mountain air

and I won’t leave

until I’ve stood up there

lookin’ out,

thinkin’ about all the shit

that I can’t do in death

and shout.


Before I die, I hope you’ll know for sure

that I love you more than

anything, and your

windswept hair,

your dark brown eyes,

that face you make

when you act surprised.

They’re all things I’ll miss when my time’s come.


Who knows what it’ll be.

Will I see the light?

Or will darkness set me free?

Only time will tell.

Time to face the music,

to take it all in,

to think about these things

that make me feel a little sick.


20, 30, 50-odd years,

who knows how much longer I’ll have.

But when I go, I hope it doesn’t bring tears.

I hope the good outweighs the bad,

the happy outweighs the sad.

Don’t cry for me.

I’ll finally be set free.

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