Way Down

Well I’ve been down this freeway

over form New Orleans,

Down through Houston,

past the evergreens.


I’ve been listenin’ to this engine roar

singin’ it’s lone song.

Been drinkin’ from this bottle

for way too damn long.


Decided I’d take a break

pull off from the road

take a minute to myself

unpack my heavy load.


All these memories

weighin’ on my mind.

All those friends

that I left behind.


Open up my leather pouch

pull out somethin’ fun.

Strike up a match real quick

and my mind’s on the run.


Take a quick toke or two

just to slow my head.

I don’t know where I’ll go from here.

I need to find a bed.


It’s way too early now

for me to sleep inside.

I finish up with one last puff

and then I start to ride.


I pull on through Houston

while the city’s still in asleep.

The lights all flashin’ ’round

I wonder if I’ll keep


ridin’ on to San Antone,

if I’ll get there in one piece.

I made it this far, might as well,

I can rest when I’m dead.


I’ve made it too far to stop now

I’ve gotten into a race with the sun,

we’re playin’ for keeps, all the way,

Hopefully this bike’ll keep on runnin’


past the border, down to Mexico.

Hopefully once I get that far,

I can forget about you once and for all,

and get to a bar.

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