In the Pit

Have you ever done something shitty to someone you cared about?

We all have. But do you realize it?

There’s two different types of people, those who realize they’ve done shitty things, and those who don’t.

Those who don’t realize it can continue on with their lives without a care in the world.

Those who do tend to dwell.

After a while, things get better. You forget about it. You hope the other person did, too.

But then, out of the blue, the thought comes back and rears its ugly head.

What you did, how much of an ass you were. How shitty you were to the other person, and how it must’ve made them feel.

Empathy is a bitch. But it’s what makes us human.

The true mark of a person is whether or not you can apologize. Whether you want to apologize or not.

Whether or not you’ll be able to apologize is another story.

Two, five, ten years on, you can still be waiting, and the tiniest little thing can tip you over into remembering what happened.

The most you can do is just sit and wait, wait for the opportunity to right the wrong.


Here’s another good question: would you go back and change it?

If you had the chance, would you have done things differently?

It’s a tough choice.

The thing about regrets is you have to think about both the past and the present.

You have to remember that your past choices got you where you are today.

Are you happy where you are today?

If so, you shouldn’t regret your decisions.

The good, the bad, the in between.

They all got you where you are today.

If you changed your mind, if you made a different decision, you could be so much worse off than you are now.

You also could be a lot better off.

But dwelling on the past is an exercise in futility.

There’s nothing to change.

Just ways to make it right.

So all you can do is try.

Try to talk. Try to listen. Give someone the chance to right their wrongs.

Regret’s a bitch.

So is empathy.

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