What the Fuck – Holding the Door

We’ve all been there. You walk up to a door, not just ANY door, a two-way door, there’s a right side, and a left side. As you walk up to it, someone else walks up on the other side. But they don’t walk up to the right side, THEIR right side. The walk up to your right. They open the door, making you stop dead in your tracks so you have to wait for them to get out of the way.

Then, there’s the classic ‘Someone just went through this door on your right side but it’s not on my right but I’m going to go through it anyway because it’s open and I’ll be in your way and be super inconvenient and annoying but it works best for me so fuck you’ scenario.

This morning, I was walking out of the gym and opened up the door on my side for myself and this girl just walks right on through it, says thank you, and doesn’t mind at all.

It’s like ‘Dude, I’m not opening this door for you. I’m opening it for myself. There’s a door RIGHT NEXT TO THIS ONE that you could just as easily open up for yourself and walk through.’

ESPECIALLY with the people who come through the door that someone else just opened. I guess I just don’t understand two door etiquette.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally down with holding a door for someone. If there’s one door and someone’s coming in/out while I’m going out/in, I’ll gladly hold it open for them with a smile.

The issue comes when there are two doors. One clearly for each of us: one for you to go out, and one for me to go in. Nobody needs to hold the door for anyone in this situation. It’s not being nice, it’s being inconvenient. Especially when someone assumes you’re holding the door for them. It’s seriously the worst.

Am I the bad guy here? Am I being an ass hole? Am I expecting too much from people to have to open their own door as to not inconvenience me?

I guess so…

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