The Strong Stream of Truth

People get caught up in lies all the time.

I admit, I lie sometimes. We all do. We all stretch the truth. Why? For many reasons.

Some people want others to like them more. They think their lives are so boring so they stretch the truth to make their stories seem more exciting.

Others lie to avoid harm to themselves or others. They know the truth would hurt, so they tell a lie to try to fix the problem.

Some lie because they’re pieces of shit who want to deceive others for their own personal gain.

A lot of people would put politicians into that last category. They lie so they can get something in return, whether it’s votes, money, or the like. And since good ol’ tricky Dick Nixon, there hasn’t been a single president who has lied straight to our face more than Donald Trump.

He’s been in office for almost two years now, and it’s taken a while, but his lies are finally starting to catch up with him.

He’s built a castle on the swamp of Washington D.C., ruling over it like a dried on turd rules the side of a toilet bowl. The same swamp he promised to drain has only grown in size since his election. Slimy businessmen have flourished. Lies have kept them afloat.

Soon enough, the castle is going to begin sinking. Just like how eventually a man with a strong enough stream of piss comes along and pushes the stuck-on turd down into the water, Donald Trump will be washed away in a stream of truth. The funny thing is that the man with the strongest stream of piss at this moment in time seems to be Rudy Giuliani, a man whose prostate is so huge he hasn’t had a complete stream since 1995. He just started a day ago, says Trump. He’ll get his facts straight.

It’s too late, Donny.

Once someone outs you, once someone exposes your lies, people are going to start wondering what else you’ve lied to them about.

Slowly, the turd will begin to slip.

More and more people will begin to piss. More and more people will add their streams of truth to the already strong flush of democracy. And the more you deny it, the more you cling on and hope and pray that you can stick to the side of that porcelain throne, the worse it’ll be in the end.

Not for us, oh no.

Remember the last time this happened? Remember the last time the veil was lifted from the eyes of the American people? We elected the most populist president since FDR, Mr. Jimmy Carter.

I’m not saying he’ll be impeached. I don’t think that’ll happen. We won’t find out about his illegal doings until long after the presidency is over. But in 2020, the turd will be flushed. 

The stream of truth has started, Don. It’s only a matter of time until your friends do you in.

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