The Beardless Life – Day 3

I was going through my phone last night looking at pictures of my beard and I. I wanted to share a few of those with you today.


Here’s my beard when I first started growing it four years ago in Seattle.


Here’s another one of my baby beard in Seattle. My beard doesn’t like taking pictures more than once, so it made a face.


Here’s my beard when it was a little older, still young, but wise beyond its years.


My beard on its first day of its first grownup job. I was so proud of it.


My beard getting lost deep in thought.


Here’s when my beard and Rob met Brian O’Halloran at Con. He wasn’t even supposed be there that day!


And here’s the most recent picture I have of my beard and my lovely wife at the Pearl enjoying an ice-cold Southerleigh SMASH ale. 


I miss you, beard, each and every day. RIP beard.

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