Quit #Adulting

No no. I’m not telling you to stop acting like an adult, or to stop doing adult-like things. By all means, keep doing those things. I actively encourage it. Right on.

This is to tell you to stop using #Adulting, saying ‘Adulting!’, or even using the word ‘adulting’ period. Why? Because you’re an adult, that’s why. 

We don’t need to hear that you paid your bills.

We don’t need to listen to you brag about ironing your shirts.

We don’t need to clap with appreciation that you got out of bed this morning.

I do it.

You do it.

Everyone does it.

Sure there’s a feeling of accomplishment that goes along with doing something, anything, really. I feel great when I do super menial tasks like checking the mail, going to the gym, or getting to work on time. But nobody gives a shit. Everybody does it. These are things that normal, grown up human beings do.

Look at it this way. Kids, at some point in their lives, learn to use a toilet. Then, they go around letting people know about it. At first, it’s adorable. “Yay! Great! You’re not shitting your pants anymore!” And that’s cute in the beginning when they’re 2…? 3? 23? Sorry. My knowledge of children and their milestones is extremely limited.

Regardless, imagine if today, I, a grown-ass man, walked around still expecting praise for using the toilet. You probably wouldn’t be very impressed. You’d probably be pretty grossed out, in fact. “Why?” I would ask. “Isn’t it so difficult, doing a thing that everyone else does? Toddlering, am I right?”

“No,” you would say, “it’s not. Shut up and get on with it.”

So shut up and get on with it. Pay your rent. Clean your house. Get up early.

It’s all part of not being a kid anymore.

Quit #adulting and start #living.

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