The Power of Music

It’s amazing that a simple collection of wavelengths can transport you through time.

It’s amazing that words sung at a specific volume and pitch can make you feel emotion.

It’s amazing that the two of these put together can make you cry.

Am I wrong?

It just baffles me that music can do so much for the human experience. How you can be reminded of someone or something by a single song.

Music is beautiful. Some of it is shit, but some of it is beautiful.

I feel so lucky that I’m musically inclined. Even if I’m not the greatest guitar player of all time, even if I don’t have pipes like the most revered singers, I can still sit down and create music all on my own. I can make people feel things with a flick of my wrist, and that’s beautiful.

It does take away the magic, though.

I remember when I learned ‘Eruption’ by Van Halen. It totally killed it for me. I started tapping away, and when I finally reached the end of the song, I looked up at the tab and said “That’s it?”

That happened for a lot of songs, a lot of bands, and a lot of guitar players. I’d hear a song, want to learn to play it, figure it out, and go, “That’s it?”

When you don’t play music, I feel like you can appreciate it more. For me, I know I certainly did before I began playing guitar. When I learned the basic principals of drums and bass, it kind of killed those too.

I would listen to songs that I once thought were so amazing, and realize that they’re actually not that great. People are taking simple chord progressions or simple vocal melodies and passing them off as talent.

But, for all the music that is ruined for me, there’s even more that I can respect and enjoy. I can dissect a song into its respective parts, listen only to the drums, the bass, rhythm guitar, triangle, or cowbell. And when there’s an actually good musician playing an instrument, it makes it that much more moving.

I can still appreciate music. I just appreciate it differently. I wish I could go back to that state – the one I was in before I learned to think about music. I imagine it would feel kind of like it did before I came to the conclusion that there probably isn’t a God. That when I die, I’ll be put into the ground and my body, along with my consciousness, will dissipate into the soil around me.

It’s a bitch to think about, sure, but once you realize it, it makes the good parts, I mean the really really good parts, that much better.


P.S. Here’s the song that put me into this ridiculous mood. Enjoy!

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