The winds whisper secrets

of the past, present, and future.

Slowly caressing the ears of passers by

while carrying their knowledge.


They have seen things

that we could not comprehend.

Volcanic eruptions that have wiped out continents.

Massive reptiles that could fell trees

with a flick of their tail.

Horrible disasters

to animals and nature alike.


So why do we ignore

the pleas of the wind?

When they quietly implore us

to roll back our sins,

we continue on

bearing a grin.


We keep chopping and burning,


never once learning

that our actions affect

everything around us.


So as an ambassador,

as a minuscule traveler on this

spectacular caveor,

stop this basilar massacre.


There’s only one thing

that keeps us afloat

in this sea of darkness.

Only one thing that stands between us

and utter annihilation.


So keep them there, keep them clean.

If the winds are happy,

we’re happy.


Dead things

don’t feel happiness.

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