Shit Clients Say

How many of these have you heard today? (This list will be updated over time.)

  • We need you to come up with a new way to say the word ‘new’.
  • Can you make the logo bigger?
  • “What don’t you like about it?”
    • I’m not sure…
  • Just make it work.
  • It needs more color.
  • It needs to communicate “Hurry! Don’t miss out on this great offer.”
  • Replace ‘Lorem ipsum’ with approved copy.
  • Is this it?
  • When I said ‘Yes’, I didn’t mean that I approved it.
  • It needs to go viral.
  • Just make the logo BIGGER.
  • We want this to be different than anything we’ve done before.
  • It needs to be more edgy.
  • I think this is a little too edgy.
  • Just get the images off Google.
  • We want to do banner ads.
  • But it looks too much like (Insert company here)’s logo.
  • It looks too Christmasy.

2 thoughts on “Shit Clients Say

  1. Maybe just a little bigger……

    Favorite from today….
    “You google our name and we don’t even show up???” #brandnewcompany


    1. “Can you make it a little bigger?”
      “Oh that’s way too big can you make it smaller?”
      “Oh that’s way too small can you make it in between the two? Perfect.”


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