Random Thoughts

Today I have nothing to write about. I’ll probably work on my Hitman: Hokkaido review tomorrow, so be looking for that, but I’ve actually been busy at work and haven’t had much time to think of new topics. So, instead of having a topic on one thing in particular, I thought I’d right about whatever’s on my mind.

  1. I got a new needle for my record player off Amazon today! That’s very exciting. The needle I have now is probably five years old or so, and I definitely need a new one. There’s only so much that a quality turntable and a good set of speakers can do. If your needle is shit, then your records are going to sound like shit. Plain and simple. So I bought a new needle, should be here Saturday, and I’m very excited to see how much better it sounds.
  2. Speaking of Saturday, we’re going to Wurstfest! I can’t wait. Beer, food on sticks, a day with my lovely lady – what more could a man ask for?
  3. I’ve just been informed that my wedding band is ready for pickup! It’s tungsten. Kind of a brushed silver look to it. It’s gonna be baaaad assssss. Fun fact: tungsten is one of the hardest metals known to man. It actually can’t be cut or resized, it has to be forged. So when EMS needs to remove your ring for one reason or another, it can’t be cut off so they freak out. But never fear! It’s actually so hard that it acts like ceramic and shatters if enough force is applied. Just grab yourself a pair of vice grips, or have EMS grab a pair, and they can crack it off easy peasy.
  4. Video games. Yes, we were bound to get there eventually, weren’t we? I’ve been really wanting to play Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Revolver, and also do another run through of Fallout: New Vegas. BUT THERE IS NO TIME. There’s not enough time in the world. I’m glad no new games are coming out (that I’m looking forward to, at least) until next March. Maybe I’ll be able to get in a couple hours of each of the above mentioned games.
  5. You know you’re old when you get excited about health insurance. Today at work, we had a meeting about our new healthcare provider, United Healthcare. Much to everyone’s surprise, our premiums went down about 66%. Yeah. That’s right. 66%. Basically, I got a raise today. How awesome is that? Super awesome. Kelsey and I are heading out to Dixies tonight to celebrate the extra money that will now be in my pocket…errr…bank account every 2 weeks.

That’s about it. So! Today’s been a hell of a day. Look for my review of Hitman tomorrow, and some pictures from Wurstfest on Saturday. Should be a fun weekend!

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