What Can You Do with a Bottle of Bud Light Lime?

I’m a beer snob, plain and simple. So, when I had a party this Saturday and a Bud Light Lime was left in my fridge, I had not only the sudden urge to decontaminate my entire refrigerator, but I was wondering what on Earth I would do with it.

Not drink it, that’s for sure. So what can you actually do with a bottle of Bud Light Lime?

  1. Use it as a paperweight.
  2. Pour it out and use it as a flower vase.
  3. Use it in chili.
  4. Use it in cake. (Yes, both of these are supposedly very delicious.)
  5. Give it to a friend that actually likes Bud Light Lime.
  6. Give it to someone you don’t like who hates Bud Light Lime.
  7. Smash it against something. (Admit it. You’ve always wanted to smash a bottle.)
  8. Pour it out and do one of those little sand art things you did in elementary school.
  9. Toss it up in the air and watch it smash onto the ground. (In a safe area. And pick up the glass after it’s smashed.)
  10. Pour it out and use it as a water bottle.
  11. Smash it and use the broken pieces of the bottle to create a piece of art.
  12. Build a ship in a bottle.
  13. Use it as an insecticide. (A mix of beer, water, and soap are a great natural insecticide)
  14. Let it sit in the fridge for years. Maybe the process of time will make this beer drinkable?
  15. Use it as a marinade for chicken.
  16. Make a cool cup out of the bottle. (Here’s a tutorial.) 
  17. Fill it up with spaghetti , add marinara sauce, and call it modern art.
  18. Use it as a pen/pencil holder. (You might be able to fit 2 or 3 in there.)
  19. Make it into a lantern/candle.
  20. Cut off the neck and make it into a guitar slide.
  21. Make it into a lamp with a DIY lamp kit.
  22. If you have a bunch of them, you can put them together to create a cool wall of color.
  23. Save it to fill with gasoline and create a molotov cocktail for when the zombie apocalypse comes.
  24. Get a hamster with an alcohol problem, put it on a hamster wheel, put the bottle of Bud Light Lime in front of it, and boom: perpetual motion device.

I think I’ll be adding to this list over time. This is a fun little project. What can you think of? Let me know in the comments.

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