Another Look at Nuka World

My last look at Nuka World was… okay. I gave it a 6.9 out of 10. That hasn’t changed, but my overall view of the DLC has. Here’s why.

As you may recall, I had a little issue with the Pack. When I tried to go and take out the gang, I failed every quest associated with Nuka World. So after I loaded up a previous save, I kept playing the game normally. By normally, I mean I kept playing the game how they wanted me to play the game.

I finally settled the Commonwealth. Not completely, but I had a pretty solid foothold there. When I went to talk to … Shit what was that guy’s name… I can’t even remember. The guy who gives you the quests in the Commonwealth. When I went to talk to him, he tells me I need to head back to the park ASAP. The Pack was pissed that I was neglecting them and took over the power plant for Nuka World. This is what I’d been waiting for.

I blasted my way through the power plant, killing everyone I saw. Pack corpses littered the floor, and I finally made my way up to the roof where the leader was holed up. I would’ve liked to talk to him. I really would have. I’d have liked to give him a chance to redeem himself, but, much like the rest of Fallout 4, it was all ‘shoot first and ask questions never’.

Ahhh finally. The Pack was gone. The power to the park was restored and I was actually able to get into areas that had been previously blocked off. Not only that, but I decided to do the hidden cappy quest. The hidden cappy quest is a hide-and-go-seek style adventure where you just go around and find little hidden cappys with letters on them around the park. The fun part is that this quest is given to you by an old friend: Sierra Petrovita.

Sierra was the crazy Nuka Cola lady in Fallout 3, if you forgot. I was actually really excited to see an old character brought back. I was also excited that she’d completely forgotten that I’ve blown her head off about 18 times and stolen all her awesome Nuka Cola merch. But no matter. She would soon be looking down the barrel of my combat shotgun once more.

So I finished up the quest. I found the cappys around the park and brought them back to her. She deciphered the code and we made our way into the office of the creator of Nuka Cola: Mr. Bradburton. After looking around his office, I found a few holotapes that alluded to his involvement with a few secret military programs.

The first was to militarize the isotope found in Nuka Cola Quantum. The second was an experiment in immortality. Ohhh boy did this pique my interest. I looked through his computer and found more mentions of this project. There were also entries on a secret vault somewhere below Nuka World. I searched high and low for some sort of button to activate a secret door, and sure enough, right behind the Nuka Cola machine was a big, red button.

What does anyone do when they’re presented with a big, red button? They push it, of course. As I activated it, a bookcase flipped out of the wall and revealed an elevator. Dogmeat, Sierra and I jumped in. “Going down,” said the elevator. It took us down underneath the park, and when its doors opened, I was faced with a gigantic vault door.

We slowly slipped forward through the metal seal and found the man himself. His head was inside a jar sitting atop a plethora of computers. When I spoke with him, he was not only surprised to see me, but asked me a favor: to end his life. He was tired of sitting down here as a head in a jar. He’d stared at the same wall for over 200 years, and he wanted it to be over. He promised me the greatest technological achievement man had ever made if I freed him from his prison. All I had to do was walk over to the wall and flip a switch.

Sierra, on the other hand, wanted no part of it. She begged me not to kill him. “If he’s lonely, I’ll stay down here with him,’ she pleaded.

“You want to stay down here with him, you say…?” I asked. To myself, of course. Not to anyone in particular. This was it. This was my chance to finally be truly evil in Fallout 4.

Like I said before, I’m usually not the bad guy in video games. I really try not to be, at least. But with this character, I’d decided to be the worst person I could. Why? Because it’s fun, that’s why.

So I went over, pulled the plug on old Mr. Bradburton, and turned towards Sierra. She was beyond distraught. Oh well. I could fix that.

A minute later, I was leaving the vault with my brand new ‘Nuka-Mini-Nuke Launcher’, the recipe for Nuka Cola Clear, and Sierra is getting to spend eternity with Mr. Bradburton.

Ahh… It’s good to be evil every once in a while. Isn’t it?

Regardless of the new-found evilness, my previous review score still stands, but at least they did make an evil option for the eventual end of the DLC.

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