Welcome to Nuka World! Part II

(Spoilers for the Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC follow.)


After working my way through the main entrance to Nuka World, I found myself at a lovely rooftop diner. Apparently, since I now run the raider gangs of Nuka World, I get a house. How convenient?

It’s a pretty sweet pad, to be honest. There’s quite a bit of loot to be found, as well as a power armor station. Good thing, too, as most of my armor had been destroyed in the hell-maze that was the gauntlet.

There is a slight issue, and correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t a workshop to be seen. When I break down my junk, I usually throw it on the ground, go into workshop mode, and get the most out of the junk I’ve collected, but there’s no such capability I’ve seen so far. This makes it rather difficult to repair power armor, upgrade guns, etc.

I’ve explored three areas of the park so far, and they haven’t disappointed. Most notable is “Dry Rock Gulch,” where yore tasked with breaking into a mine to defeat the bloodworms that infest the old-west style attraction. The robot bartender wanted me to go and serve Nuka Cola Wild (Nuka’s answer to Sunset Sarsaparilla) to the patrons at the bar. My response? “They’re all dead except for you and me.”

It’s been a great time so far, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the park has in store.

My only issue as of yet is the one I’ve had since the beginning of Fallout 4: I can’t be an ass hole. Sure you can choose sarcastic dialogue options and make a few ‘evil’ decisions, but in a world where I’m king of the raiders, I want to be able to act like one.

The roleplaying aspect of Fallout 4 has always been lacking, and I only hope that the further I get into Nuka World, the more options for my ‘chaotic neutral’ soul arise.

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