Into the Abyss

The doors were sealed shut. The windows shattered. The blinds that adorned them were all in tatters. I don’t know how I ended up here or why I’d come, but there must’ve been a good reason for my presence.

I flicked on my zippo to clear a path ahead of me. The shining light carved a pathway through the darkness. But, as soon as it began mining its way though the absence, I became engulfed in darkness once again. **click** **click click** “Shit,” I said, clicking the lighter over and over again in my hand.

Nothing happened, though. Nothing worked. I would have to use the light bouncing off the shards of glass on the floor as a means of direction.

With each step, I caused a crack, a fissure to appear in the glass beneath my feet. Each step brought more of a crackle than the last, and I felt I was on the right track.

After a short journey, I had finally arrived at my destination. I knew because I ran into the door with a loud **thud**. The commotion caused the rats to scamper off into the distance. Rats or spiders, I wasn’t quite sure which.

I felt around the door with my hands searching for the handle. Time passed and I started feeling for a knob. More time slid by. A lock? A hole? Anything at all that could get me through this damn blockade.

I began creeping towards the left of where I began, hoping, praying that I would find a way through. Sure enough, with my luck, there was an opening. Must’ve been about six feet high and three feet wide, more than big enough for a man.

I felt through the opening and the air became cooler. An updraft blew against the palm of my hand as I ripped it back through the hollow. The air pulsing against my hand was the first sensation I had felt since I woke up in this godforsaken place.

What else was there to do? Where else was there to go?

I stuck my hands through the wall and grabbed onto the side of the breach. It only took a moment before I stepped through with my right leg. “Here I go,” I sighed as I walked into the unknown.

I set my foot down onto the ground, or where the ground should have been.

I fell through the empty darkness with nothing to break my fall. Further and further down I went as the air rushed past my ears. I reached and pulled towards every side of me but felt nothing.

Nothing. The darkness was nothing, and so was I. I fell for eternity through the darkened abyss of space and time.

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