I Just Stopped by to Say Hello

Sometimes I just wanna see you again.

Once more, just for old time’s sake.

Sometimes I just wanna hold you again.

Once more, just to see that smile on your face.


What were we like, way back when?

Why did we fight, unlike lovers or friends?

I guess it’s been a while, now.

Those people have disappeared.

Now it’s just you and me.

As far from each other as we could possibly be.


The doors are locked. The windows are closed.

It’s too late to make a move.

We’d have to force entry, break on through.

We’d have to find a way to make our dreams come true.

Or did you leave them back there,

packed up in a box? Left on the shelf of time?


I sure didn’t. They’ve been here the whole time.

I’ve been carryin’ these feelings around

like a packed old suitcase, bustin’ at the seams.

Every day they get heavier and heavier.

I never seem to lose them, only pack more on.


So when’ll it be over? When will we get there?

When will I put my love up on the shelf

to gather dust like yours?

Hopefully someday soon. Real soon.

Because I just can’t get over that last feelin’,

the one that sits there right on top.

The one that comes out every once in a while

just to say hello, and remind me

of all the shit you put me through.

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