What’s Up

What I’m Reading:

The alt-right fuckin’ sucks. Nazis fuckin’ suck. Womanizers fuckin’ suck. One reason being that they co-opt ancient history (for whatever reason. Maybe they think of it like the ‘good old days’?) and cherry pick messages to fit their own agenda. Donna Zuckerberg touched on this in depth in her newest book Not All Dead White Men: Classics and Misogyny in the Digital Age. It’s a fantastic dive into the movement, and if you’re looking to hate nazis, fascists, womanizers, and rapists even more, then it’s definitely the for you!

What I’m Playing:

I stepped outside of Vault 76 for the first time Wednesday night. After creating a character for about an hour, I finally began following in the Overseer’s footsteps. As I came down the hill toward her first camp, I was promptly bit to death by a pack of wild, radioactive dogs. It’s exactly what I expected out of Fallout 76, and am really excited to get deeper into it. It’s great to see a different perspective of the Fallout franchise, not only gameplay and game type-wise, but story wise as well. It takes place during a time period that Fallout’s never touched before. Seeing the world in the direct aftermath of the Great War is something I’ve been looking forward to. I can’t wait to go and explore more.

What I’m Drinking:

It’s fucking coffee beer season again, so you bet your sweet ass I’m sippin’ on that Real Ale coffee porter. What’s it taste like? Imagine getting up early in the morning and not wanting to get out of bed because you’ve created the perfect little warm pocket underneath the sheets. But you get up anyway. You swing your legs around the side of the bed and plant your feet on the cold, icy ground, then quickly run over to the kitchen and begin heating up some water as the smell of the coffee you just began grinding begins to assault your olfactory nerves. The buzzer beeps. The coffee steeps. Five agonizing minutes later, you finally pour the liquid gold into your cup. You take a sip and the cold air around you finally slips away as the warmth flows through your veins.

Oh, you don’t live in Texas so you can’t get your hands on it? Sorry…I guess you’ll have to make a trip out of it.

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