Enjoy It While It Lasts

We all start out the same.


Born into the bright, shining world with every opportunity laid out in front of us.

But after that initial moment of innocence,

our future begins to unfold.

Some of it is thanks to the color of our skin.

Some of it is thanks to the opportunities we’re afforded.

And the rest,

the rest is left to us.

Our freewill.

Our decisions.

Our ability to choose.

Some of those decisions

are made wisely, with thought, care, and worry.

While others are made without any thought at all.

Against our best interests

we choose to poison ourselves,

our environment,

and our world.

We know. We are aware. We welcome the consequences.

Because it would never happen to you.

It’s always someone else.

But each and every one of us

is someone’s

someone else.

It can happen to you.

It can happen to all of us.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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