My Button’s Bigger Than Yours

There was about a 60-year span during the 20th century where everyone was pretty sure they were going to get blown to bits in nuclear hellfire. It was just common knowledge. Nobody was too worried about it because there was nothing they could do. Well, except for duck and cover, but most people didn’t talk about it much. They just went on living their lives.

It was a thought that was in the back of every man, woman, and child’s mind for the better part of a century. Those in our government knew not to bring it up too much as to not scare the populous, and those on the streets knew not to ask about it because they didn’t want to know the truth. It was a good system.

But almost 30 years later, we seem to have forgotten the fear that dug down and buried itself into our souls. Now it almost seems like a joke, and certain political leaders have been tossing around threats and accusations for the last year, pissing off other crazy political leaders and getting us that much closer to mutually assured destruction.

How is this a good idea? How are we okay with this clear act of provocation? This is not the way that presidents work. This is the way school children act when they’re having a ‘whose is bigger’ contest in the locker room. Well, I guess he does know about ‘locker room talk’ better than anyone, eh?

And now I’m doing it…great.

That’s the real issue here. We don’t take it seriously anymore. We see this and we go ‘Haha! Good ol’ Donny. Making those jokes again. This is gold!’

It’s not a joke. It’s one step closer to total and utter nuclear destruction.

But a lot of people do think it’s a joke. Like KFC UK.

Who’ll be laughing when there’s no Internet? When there’s no power? When half of the world’s population has been burned to a crisp and shadows are permanently burned onto sidewalks?

Is it that we’re so far away from the horrors of nuclear holocaust that we just forgot how terrifying it is? That might be it. Or, we’re just so concerned with clicks and likes that we just make jokes out of the possible murder of hundreds of millions of people.

Will Trump’s tweets be funny when that’s Chicago? Or DC? Or Seattle? Or LA?

This isn’t something to make material out of. This is something to be worried about. Our ‘fearless leader’ is sick, deranged, and has a death wish. He wants this to happen. He wants to have his name in the history books at any cost. But there might not be anyone left to write them after he’s through.

Quit encouraging him.

Quit treating him like a child.

Treat him like an adult and hold him accountable for his actions.

I, for one, enjoy being alive.

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