Best New Additions to the OED – September 2017

Well, I waited seven whole months, but the OED finally added some good words to the dictionary this time around. Let’s dive right in, shall we, and see what kind of awesome words the OED has included.

Funkiness, adj.

Funkiness, you know? Like, something has a funkarific or funkadelic quality to it. Like, “There was a particular funkiness in the air that night.” There were actually a bunch of ‘funk’ words added this go around. Which makes me happy. Just saying the word ‘funk’ in any form makes me happy. Look at George Clinton and try not to smile. TRY NOT TO. 

Half Pants, n.

I can only assume that half pants are just one leg of a pair of pants. But then at that point, aren’t they just ‘pant’? Isn’t half a pair of pants just a pant? But then you would get confused and think someone would be talking about the verb ‘pant’ instead of just one leg of pants, so then I guess… This is confusing. I guess that’s why the call them half pants!

Wifty Wafty, adj.

Wifty wafty, according to some of the other entries I’ve found, means silly, ridiculous, dippy, or kooky. Just say it. ‘Wifty Wafty.’

I’ll give you a second.

Doesn’t that just fit perfectly? I’m gonna try to use this today.

Ringtone, n.

Ringtone finally made it into the OED? Are you serious? How has that not been in there for years already? I remember making ringtones from Garageband for my phone when I was in high school. I remember choosing between the three different AT&T ringtones when I was in middle school. Whatever, OED. I think you’re a bit late on this one, but better late than never.

Huh, interjection.

Huh, as in ‘Huh?’ or ‘Huh’. This one’s fun. I’m just glad to see it in there.

Unless this means something different than I think it does. Maybe ‘huh’ is some weird new word for pen or some shit. I dunno. What are the kids calling pens these days?

Fallish, adj. or n.

And then there’s my favorite: ‘Fallish.’ You know, for when it feels kind of like fall but not quite. For when there’s just a little bit of nip in the air and it’s a little bit chilly but not quite enough to feel like fall. For when the weather is ‘fallish’. Isn’t English great? Just add the suffix ‘ish’ to anything and it makes it…well, it makes it ‘ish’.


That’s it for this time around. At least it was better than March’s additions. Did I miss anything? Did one of your favorites make the list or did I leave something out? Let me know in the comments.

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