Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

Won’t you come inside?

Darlin’, why’re you cryin’?

Tell me where you’ve been,

and show me what you’ve seen.


I need to know

so I can help you grow.


It’s been too damn long.

I’ve been so alone.

Come in and sit a while.

Let me see your smile.


We’re both too low

to know where to go.



What’d they do

to make you so blue?

What’d they say

to ruin your day?


They took me away.

They turned my world grey.

They shattered my dreams

and all of it seemed

so real.


I need you here.

I need your love

to take all of my fear

and give it a shove

on out the door.

I can’t take it no more.

But now that I’m here

all of it seems

so far.



It may take a while

to remember how to smile.

But I know that it’s true

that I have got you.

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