The sounds of Texas

in the middle of summer

make this a place

that’s unlike any other.


The cicadas clicking,

the wrens ticking,

the sidewalks cracking,

and the scrub jays tapping.


The heat of the day

quickly gives way

to the heat of the night.

And the darkness, what a fright.


Every step you take

could show you a new creature.

Coyotes, boars, a six foot snake,

something to add a new scar or body feature.


It could be a raccoon or a deer,

something you shouldn’t fear,

but during the night

anything could bite.


Then the morning comes.

The coolest part of the day.

Before your body succumbs

to the heat and you pray for it to go away.


Then you get in your car

and go for a ride

so you can head to a bar

and try to hide.


Take a cool sip of Lone Star beer,

let out an “Ahh…”

for everyone to hear,

and realize wouldn’t want it

any other way.


The heat,

the noise,

the constant din

of the bugs, big and small.

It’s the best of all.

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