Untitled No. 1

Sadness, silence

lonesome fear.

Come and tell me

what’s eating you,

my dear.


It can’t be put off,

it cannot no longer.

Tell me now,

it will make you stronger.


Stronger in mind,


and soul.

Go ahead.

Go smoke a bowl

if it will make you calmer.


The fear in my eyes

has moved along,

it’s gone down into my heart

and I’m thinking the worst.


I’m thinking it’s me.

I’m thinking it’s we.

I’m thinking it’s our life

that’s depressing thee.


But if you tell me

I will do my best

to try to put your mind

at rest.


So c’mon now

and pull up a chair,

while from your crying eyes,

I brush back your hair.





Please don’t let this wait.

We’ve come too far

to let all of this



Lay with me.

Let me comfort thee.

And tell me that

it’s not me.

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