The Storm

In trying times, you have to find

the things that make you happy.

Friends, family, those who care,

people who really want you there.


Whether it’s wrong or right,

let’s not fight.

We need to come together

to get through this bad weather.


The storm looks big. It looks rough.

It seems like it’s nasty

and it’s gonna get tough.

But it’s not in a hurry.

It’s not going anywhere.


It’s here to stay, for a while, at least,

so buckle up and keep your head held high.

Quit telling yourself ‘The end is nigh,’

because you may have lost the battle,

but the war has been raging for ages.


From federalists to anarchists,

socialists to gossip columnists,

we all fight for something.

We all look to our leaders

to guide us towards the light.


But they don’t know,

anymore than we do,

how to lead, how to live, how to love.

They guide us blindly through

the waves and the rain.


Let’s come together.

Let’s give it a shot.

We have to be one

before the arteries clot.



We’ve been through a lot,

and so has she,

our wonderful mother,

this beautiful country.


So when the sea begins to rise

and the rains begin to fall,

just remember one thing:

We’re in this together,

you and I and all.

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