Pariahs in Space: Part II





We started this mission eight months ago, and I’ve never seen morale this low. Everyone on the ship is exhausted constantly. The heat is just becoming too much to bare. It hasn’t gotten any warmer, thank God, but the crew just can’t handle it anymore. The engineering crew has been working around the clock to get the systems back online, but nothing has worked. It’s becoming insanely difficult to keep our spirits up, even with the few supplies we found on that god-forsaken ship.

I wonder what happened to those poor bastards? Well, I wonder, but I hope I don’t find out.



I lied yesterday when I said it wasn’t getting any warmer. About 0300 this morning, more cooling coils started going offline.

Not only that, but our replicators are on the fritz again. I don’t understand it, and neither does anyone else. We’re trying to make our way over to Star Station Theta in the Omicron system. We’re making good time, too. But if anything happened to the engines, we’d be screwed. We’ve got about six weeks to travel left before we even enter the system, and then another week to get to the station. God help us if we get stranded out here.

When we left, they told us to be careful in uncharted space. They weren’t kidding.



Engineering thinks they found out what’s knocking out the cooling coils and messing with the replicators. They say we’re making our way through a section of space that’s being blasted by neutrinos from a neighboring supernova. They said we should be out by the end of the week, so hopefully they won’t be damaged beyond repair by then.






Well, engineering was wrong. Big surprise there. We’re not picking up neutrino signals anymore but we can’t get either one of the systems back to their original state. We’re running low on supplies again, and I don’t know how low we can get before we start rationing.

Will our supplies even last in this heat? I don’t even know how long the food stores will last. The hydroponic grow rooms inside the ship are having a hard time producing. The water’s evaporating so quick it can’t even get to the roots. But it doesn’t matter. We’re going to need all the water we can find if this keeps up.

If it wasn’t the neutrinos causing the malfunctions, then what was it?



We’re starting to go mad. The cooling coils came back online last night and nearly froze us all to death. Then, as quick as they came on, they switched off again and the temperature jumped up to 34 C.


God damn it. Damn it all. The engines are starting to shut down. Power’s going haywire all across the ship. This is insane. I had to step away. I can’t take it anymore. Deep space does strange things to your mind. The darkness surrounds you in all directions, and when the only piece of home you have left starts breaking down around you, you start to break down, too. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

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