Blog Topic Generators (and Why They’re Terrible)

I was having a little bit of trouble thinking of a topic for today. I’ve been in a really good mood and nothing’s really been going on as of late, so I decided to see if there was a thing I could use to help me think of a blog topic. This is going to be my topic, in and of itself.

I hopped on the Googles, typed in ‘Blog topic generator’, and what I found was… Interesting. I’m assuming they’re just coded input fields with Buzzfeed type click-bait headlines built into them so when you put something into the input field, out spits your topic.

This works great in theory, much like communism, but in practice, not so much. Look. Lets just take a gander at some of the screenshots. Now, after my first one, I actually went through the dictionary and found random words, but the first one with “Desk,” “Marketplace,” and “Tooth” just came out of my noggin.

1) Desk, marketplace, and tooth


2) Backwardness, symbol, and technical


3) Forms, successful, and accuser

4) Sea-nymph, overflowing, and zoology



This is just Hubspot’s blog topic generator, and they do have a nice little disclaimer that says ‘The topics generated may need a little tweaking to get them where they need to be,” but c’mon. I love you, Hubspot, I really do. You’re a great resource, but this page should be gone. It should’ve never existed. Out of all of these, only two of them are actual viable blog topics. Even if you do a little bit of tweaking, a little bit of magic on these generated topics, they’re garbage.

I also get that I was being ridiculous by just grabbing random words from the dictionary and putting them into the input fields, but that’s what I do.

To put it plainly, don’t do this. I understand that that’s how you get people to read your blog, by putting numbers in it and making it click-bait, waiting for people to get suckered in to your cheesy lists of “14 Tools Everyone in the Symbol Industry Should Be Using”, but don’t. Just don’t. Be creative. Be inventive. Do something original and outside the box. Take a blog topic generator and make that into your topic like I did. Look out the window and write a post about lamp posts for chrissakes. This’ll be the last time I do a Google search for ‘Blog topic generator’ unless I want a good laugh.

But, with all my hating on this blog topic generator, I actually did end up getting a blog topic out of it. How about that?

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