Questions on Creativity

Creativity is a weird, strange, wonderful, smelly thing. I’m in kind of a weird place with my creative mind at the moment, and I’ve been reflecting on this concept for the last 24 hours or so. Below are just a few of the questions I’ve been pondering. Feel free to answer them in the comments, or reflect on them yourself.

1) Is creativity born, or made?

2) Can you get better at being creative?

3) Do you ever come back from burnout?

4) Is burnout the same as a creative wall?

5) Are you still being creative if you’re getting paid to create?

6) Why create when everything dies?

7) If your creativity has to be broken in order to work, is it good?

8) Why seek external validation?

9) Why not seek external validation?

10) Is internal validation ever enough?

11) When is too creative, too creative?

12) Is anxiety necessary for creativity?

13) Is external validation necessary for creativity?

14) If “Yes” to 13, when is it enough?

15) Why continue being creative if “No” to 13?

16) What breeds creativity?

17) Does creativity end?

18) Does creativity end indefinitely, or for just a short time?

19) Is creativity something that can be summoned on the spot, or it comes out of thought?

20) Can anyone be creative if they try hard enough?

21) What is creativity?

22) If your creative is changed so much that you don’t recognize it, is it still yours?

23) How much has to change for your work to not be yours anymore?

24) Why bother creating to your full potential if your work just ends up getting changed? Why bother making new things if your work becomes not yours?

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